I find myself really enjoying designing staircases! :D

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Here are some designs for space saving staircases I make.


Comfortable walking plus lots of storage space and exhibition space. All that on very little floorspace...!
This one will be built in a tiny house in Oregon and others - that makes me so very happy! :D




This staircase design has a foldable comfortable table and in “table mode” it's hardly recognizable as staircase at all.
In “staircase mode” it offers pretty wide steps and is very easy to walk on at night.
Besides that it offers lots of storage space as well




Pretty comfortable staircase to get to your loft.
It provides lots of storage space and moreover even some exhibition space for your treasures!





Lots of storage and exhibition space, comfortable walking - and you can even add a cosy little happy place.
You might like this if you have a tiny house, a loft and a furry friend. Well, you might like this as well if you have a big house, a helicopter  and a penguin. Just saying. :)





This one is very airy, wavy and playful. :)
And on very little floorspace it provides very big, save and comfortable steps.






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