in plush

Sometimes having a friend can change the world for someone who doesn't feel to have one. A friend to talk to, who listens, who doesn't criticize, someone who stands besides you no matter what, a compassionate loving gentle friend.
Peeple stand for the fact that it is wonderful to be different than anybody else, that you can be imperfect and still be lovable. Peeple symbolize tolerance, friendliness and unconditional love.

So what I want to do is giving a Peeple friend in plush to people who are in need of one.

These people might be found in
   ● hospitals
   ● orphanages
   ● hospices
   ● centres caring for bullying victims
   ● homeless shelters
   ● shelters for battered women
   ● ambulances
   ● suicide prevention centres
   ● and more places like these...

By supporting this project
you can show someone in need
that there is a person out there
who does care!



Here are some options how you can help!

Please choose which support option is right for you:

Friends for Friends

Receive a Peeple Friend in Plush for yourself or someone you love!

And at the same time you sponsor a Peeple friend for someone in need.

In addition as a “Thank You!” you’ll receive a signed Peeple mini-print by Meike Duch.

To select your Peeple friend in plush please click here:

Friends for Friends

Sponsor a Peeple!

You sponsor the Peeple for only 29 $ (Canadian) and I produce and care for the Peeple's save transportation to it's destination.

And as a “Thank You!” you’ll receive a signed Peeple mini-print by Meike Duch.




You can also donate any amount that feels comfortable for you to the project.
Any sum is highly appreciated!
It will be used for making new Peeple friends and their shipping to someone in need.






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Meike Duch & Andreas Lietzow
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