I feel that...

...some could need a little reminder that they are loved when they look in the mirror - or face the rest of the world...

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Worth a try...?

Available as a limited edition print!


Amani made some new friends - adorable seal friends!

“Amani” means “Peace” in Swahili, so I think they felt quite comfortable.

more Peeple


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And here they are: Peeple shirts!


I started...

...creating a collection of greetings to help spreading joy and happiness...


Maluhia is enjoying...

...the spring sun – and so are we...!
“Maluhia” means “Peace” in Hawaiian, so I guess frequent adventures in the sunshine lift the spirits!

more Peeple friends in plush


Peeple shirts!  Yay!

They're 100% cotton and very sweet!

Here are some more: Peeple shirts!



“The beauty of confidence”
by Meike Duch

Available as a limited edition print!



We could be friends...

Whether you're Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Atheist or something completely different – we still might have the same values in life. So we can be friends.

Whether you're poor or rich – we might share the same visions. So we can be friends.
Whether you live nearby or at the other end of the world – we might have a shared interest. So we can be friends.
Whether you're male or female – we might enjoy the same sense of humour. So we can be friends.
Whether you're 18 years old or 118 – we might like to gaze at the stars at night together. So we can be friends.
If you're missing arms or legs, are blind, deaf, stuttering, scarred or are otherwise gifted or challenged - we might have the same hopes and dreams. So we can be friends.
Whether you're gay, straight, transgender, bisexual or asexual – you might want to change the world to the better like me. So we can be friends.
Whether you're black, white, red, yellow, green, dotted or chequered – that's awesome! Let's celebrate and enjoy our diversities. And we can easily be friends.

The more different we are from each other, the more we can learn from each other. We can complement each other in so many ways. And therefore we can improve the lives of all of us – and those of future generations.

Let's be friends!




“The Beauty of Serendipity”
by Meike Duch


“It's kind of pretty, isn't it...”
by Meike Duch


“Let's give it a try”
by Meike Duch
127 x 81 cm (50 x 32 inch)
mixed media on canvas



“Meeting another lovely new friend”
by Meike Duch


“Round it goes”
by Meike Duch


“Just try to listen”
by Meike Duch

102 x 81 cm (40 x 32 inch)
mixed media on canvas


“Time travel, yesterday, another unexpected experience”
by Meike Duch

143 x 80 cm (56 x 31.5 inch)
mixed media on canvas


We went to the park...

...and Damai made friends with a cute feathered-orange-legged-Tribble...
(I laughed so much when I saw the photo I have taken...!)


“Walk the walk.”
by Meike Duch

material: ink, acrylic, marker on metallic foil, love and more...



Peeple – Give a Friend!

Project announcement

Sometimes having a friend can change the world for someone who doesn't feel to have one. A friend to talk to, who listens, who doesn't criticize, someone who stands besides you no matter what, a compassionate loving gentle friend.

These people might be found in hospitals, orphanages, hospices, shelters for battered women, centres caring for bullying victims, suicide prevention centres and more places like these...

So what I want to do is giving a Peeple friend in plush to people who are in need of one.

You can be part of the project! And by supporting it you can show someone in need that there is a person out there who does care!

Please spread the word! Thank you!

Peeple - Give a Friend!


I'll announce the next phase of the “Peeple – Friends in Plush” movement soon!

It's for a good cause – so I'm very enthusiastic about it!


Look who just came around -  it's Amani!

Amani seems to be a big thinker. And like all Peeple Amani dreams big and believes in the good in everyone.
So if you feel the same a cuddly Peeple might be a good companion for you! :)

Amani and some other Peeple friends are available here: Peeple - friends in plush!


Let me introduce you to Maluhia! :)

I think this special new Peeple friend looks full of spirits, doesn't it?
Maluhia means “Peace” in Hawaiian.
Find more about Maluhia and other pretty lovable Peeple friends in plush.


Yay! Finally! Peeple are going plush! :)

This little fellow is Damai.
Like all Peeple Damai is a peace-loving soul and so “Damai” means “Peace” in Indonesian.
Find more about the new Peeple Friends in Plush.

And you can read more about the world of Peeple and their mission here:
Welcome to the beautiful world of Peeple!



Yes, this might be what you think it might be. :)

Stay tuned!
I'm very excited about this! :D



“Embrace the unexpected.”

by Meike Duch


“Want to dance?”

by Meike Duch


Work in progress...:

It is always a pleasure when you are about to finish a piece of art to look back at its first sketches and see how far you've come.


“Be silly.”

by Meike Duch




“Relax. Breathe. Everything is gonna be alright.”

by Meike Duch


“Dream big.”

by Meike Duch




by Meike Duch


“So, now let's sing, everyone!”

by Meike Duch


2013 and earlier

“Meet me at Orange”

by Meike Duch



by Meike Duch



by Meike Duch


“Someone had to do it”

by Meike Duch


“Pieces of Peace”

by Meike Duch


“You might be happy”

by Meike Duch


“Singing a song was never that easy”

by Meike Duch


“Somewhere out there”

by Meike Duch



“You know that I still love you, don't you?”

by Meike Duch



“I did it on purpose”

by Meike Duch



“In my mind's eye”

by Meike Duch


“This might be the first one”

by Meike Duch


“I think something's coming”

by Meike Duch


one of the first steps... and many to follow...


“I think I love these”

by Meike Duch




“So let's talk about this”

by Meike Duch



I wonder where she's heading to...
One of my tiniest pictures so far:

“Big steps ahead”

by Meike Duch

love and mixed media on canvas



“Let's keep an eye on these...”

by Meike Duch



“Your circles”

by Meike Duch


“First touch”

by Meike Duch


Playing with Peeple in the snow creating temporary contemporary art.

Bye bye, winter, I'll miss you!

Hello, spring, I'm sure we'll enjoy each other, too!




“It just happened”

by Meike Duch

h: 50.8 cm x w: 38.1 cm



“There is something I wanted to tell you”

by Meike Duch





by Meike Duch

w: 203 cm x h: 114 cm




“We are here though”

by Meike Duch

w: 102cm x h: 102cm



“The grass is always stripier on the other side of the fence.”

by Meike Duch

w: 102cm x h: 102cm



Time is an illusion.”  by Meike Duch

w: 102cm x h: 102cm



Peeple sculptures and pictures on red wall - by Meike Duch


“Only one green...?”

by Meike Duch

3 panels
mixed media
general size w: 357cm x h: 202cm



“Welcome to your new neighbourhood” - by Meike Duch



“Let's say it's complicated“
by Meike Duch



Peeple   by Meike Duch




Peeple   by Meike Duch




Peeple   by Meike Duch




Peeple sculptures  by Meike Duch




“We love you, too!”  by Meike Duch





“Religion”   by Meike Duch




“Oops”   by Meike Duch



“Mahatma Gandhi”   by Meike Duch



“Yellow and Pink”  by Meike Duch



“Next”   by Meike Duch



“The Cliff”  by Meike Duch



“My new Camera”  by Meike Duch




“We come in peace”   by Meike Duch




“Girls just want to be loved”  by Meike Duch




“Boys just want to be loved, too”  by Meike Duch




“Missing”  by Meike Duch





“Unity by diversity”   by Meike Duch



“The Touch”  by Meike Duch



“All together now”   by Meike Duch



“Confetti”   by Meike Duch



“Twins in Pink”  by Meike Duch



“Meaning of Life”  by Meike Duch



“Kindred Spirits”  by Meike Duch



“Friends of Stripes”   by Meike Duch





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Meike Duch & Andreas Lietzow
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